Our Property Management Difference

Our award-winning property management team is known for their transparency, dedication, innovation, and expert knowledge, so you can feel safe knowing your investment is being well taken care of.


An Experienced Team on Your Side
Our experienced property management team is here to help ensure your investment property is creating a better future for you.
Exceptional Client Care
With a large team of professionals, you can rest assured that tenants will be well taken care of so there’s less tenant turnover and far less stress for you to contend with.
Quality Leasing
Our team is determined to attract high quality tenants to your investment property by thoroughly screening applicants, reference checking and reviewing their rental history to present you with only the best.
Expert Knowledge
Our team of trained professionals are always staying well informed with the latest legislation to ensure your investment property meets legal standards.
Streamlined Processes
Everything is kept streamlined and simple with our online platform and app, OurLandlord making it easy for you to approve maintenance, check inspection reports or receive your rental income faster than ever before.

OurLandlord App

Your landlord experience is about to become a whole lot better.
A platform where you can access everything to do with your property all in one place.
OurProperty is a cloud-based, fully integrated online platform that keeps track of arrears, maintenance requests, lease renewals and more. It connects you with your property manager, tenants and tradespeople to help your investment run as smoothly as possible.
Landlord Dashboard
When you log into OurProperty you’ll see the Landlord Dashboard. The Dashboard gives you an overview of your investment property at a glance. If you have more than one investment property using OurProperty, you’ll be able to see them there as well, even if they’re managed by another agency.
Better Transparency
OurProperty enables better transparency between landlords, tenants, tradies and property managers. Tenants can track their rental payments, meaning there’s less chance of them falling behind in their rent, as well as report, monitor and track their maintenance
Investment Tracking
In the Landlord Portal you can check in on your investment and keep fully informed without waiting to speak to your property manager. You can log in 24/7 from anywhere and view your income, expenses, financial statements, inspection reports and more.
Tax Time is a Breeze
There will be no more physical folders taking up space and trees. Everything is stored online in your portal, ready for tax time. You can give your accountant the login details and they’ll take care of the rest. The Landlord Portal has all the information they need in one tidy place.
OurProperty Payments is a digital payment gateway for rent and bills to be processed securely. Funds are transfered from the tenant to you in real banking time, making it an easy, safe, traceable way to transfer funds and manage rent and invoice payments. Here are some of the advantages of this payment system
Lower Arrears Than Ever Before!
OurProperty has achieved amazing results with bringing tenants out of the red and into the green. One Australian agency had over 200 tenants owing rent. Within one week of using OurProperty this number dropped dramatically to less than ten - and it stayed that way!
Everything’s prepared in case of Tribunal Proceedings
OurProperty is fully compliant with Payment Card Industry standards and Anti Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing (AML/CTF) laws to reduce the potential for fraud. Your money is securely handled and traced at all stages.

OurLandlord App

OurLandlord Mobile Access
OurLandlord is optimised for mobile viewing. The dashboard can easily be viewed on mobile phones and tablet devices so that you can access everything on-the-go.


Earn 10,000 Qantas Points
Appointing LJ Hooker Property Partners to manage your property not only ensures that you will be dealing with highly qualified, professional and friendly specialists, but you will also be rewarded.
If you own an investment property, want the best service and to be rewarded all at the same time then LJ Hooker can help! When you appoint LJ Hooker Property Partners as your exclusive property investment management agent you are rewarded with 10,000* Qantas Points to spend on your next vacation or on a huge variety of products.

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