A Bathroom Boost

A Bathroom Boost

Cheryll Strydom 26 January 2022

If you’re looking to sell but think your home needs an update, usually the best place to start other than the kitchen is the bathroom.

Renovating a bathroom has the potential to improve your sale result by $4 for every $1 spent. However, before you splash that cash, there’s a few things you’ll need to consider so that you ensure that you make the best returns with minimal outlay.

Budget and Plan

Despite coming in second to the kitchen in the most important areas of the home to renovate, the bathroom is often the most expensive project to take on. That is why it’s important you decide what your budget is early on and focus on what is needed most to modernise this space. It’s generally recommended that if you plan to do a full home reno that you dedicate 10 to 20 per cent of the total renovation budget to the bathroom alone. You could start with simple cosmetic changes that are rather inexpensive, like painting tiles, replacing the vanity or light fittings, or installing new tap fittings, but often older bathrooms do need a bit more of an update to get the desired sale result.

A minor bathroom reno that includes retiling, a new shower screen, new vanity and new toilet could set you back around $3,000, whereas the addition of new flooring, a new bath or shower could make this stretch to $8,000. As such, you may want to avoid replacing items where possible, as a bathroom renovation can cost the same as a kitchen renovation, despite being a smaller space. A good place to start is to set aside 1.5 percent of the property’s value to the bathroom, and dedicate half of this to labour and the other half to materials. From here you’ll be able to decide what the most crucial items are to update and what isn’t quite as necessary.

Beware of DIY

We know like most of us you may enjoy reno shows and like the idea of cutting costs by doing it yourself, but here we’d like to caution you. If you decide to DIY you need to be honest about your skills as you could lessen the value of the renovation by not doing a professional job. Also, what could take a professional a week to complete could take you much longer as you are learning on the job, and this could ultimately cost you more than if you had hired someone to complete the job for you. As such, it may be best to stick to hiring professionals, but that doesn’t mean you can’t save money. Selecting cost effective but modern and stylish materials may be the way to go, as well as carefully planning your bathroom’s fit-out.

Consider Popular Additions

Another thing to consider is what the market is most interested in seeing in a bathroom, as certain materials or items can immediately spark interest helping to increase your ultimate sale result. If you live in a family-oriented neighbourhood in a home suited to families with children, then consider adding a bath if there isn’t one already, as this is often seen as a necessity within this demographic. It’s also important to consider the current fashions, like looking for tiles or cabinets with a shine over a matt or satin finish as this has a higher perceived value to current buyers. Water-efficient shower heads, tap fittings and toilets are crucial as well if you’re appealing to an investor market that are wanting to minimise their costs when renting out a property.

We hope this has helped you decide on what is best to update in your bathroom and how to best plan for your upcoming renovation. If you are ready to sell though, but are holding off because of these unusual times we’re in, then you may be surprised to know that we actually have more buyers than we have listings. Now is the best time to sell given the competitive market, so if you’re ready, contact us today and start your real estate journey.

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